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Groodles have a happy heart!

Groodles, the gems of the dog world 


Welcome Groodle Lovers

We are so excited to share our wonderful groodle family with you.


Welcome to our website where we proudly show off our gorgeous dogs, our stunning puppies, and give you some more information to help you choose whether a groodle is for you!

Why Choose A Groodle?

There is a reason Groodles are one of the top selling dogs in the world!
Combining the loyal, family friendly nature of the beautiful Golden Retriever and the intelligence plus non shedding coat of the poodle has created (in our opinion!) the perfect pet with the most wonderful temperament.

Groodles love the water and are usually excellent swimmers. They love a trip to the beach and are happy to be washed. They are relaxed, goofy and their coats are great for allergy sufferers! They love to chill with their families, or have a fun game of fetch, and just want to be where you are. 

Their temperament is amazing, although some are very laid back so are a perfect match for people with a less active lifestyle, and others are highly energetic and love to run and play. They are sensitive, intelligent dogs who can be trained as Assistance and Therapy Dogs with great success as they are eager to please.


Diamonds are a girls best friend, until she meets a Groodle

Some of our happy Groodle owners

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