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Available Puppies

Puppies are sold wormed from birth every 2 weeks, fully vet checked, vaccinated, and microchipped at 7-8 weeks. They come with a beautiful puppy pack containing lots of goodies, soft cuddly toy with the litter scent, and a great care/feeding guide. We are also available for on-going guidance and advice.

Our litters are exposed to other farm animals, mowers and other equipment noises, and of course lots of cuddles and interaction from people.


They have beautiful large grass play areas during the day and are housed in a purpose-built room with air conditioning and music safely at night, or when it is too hot or wet to be outside. They are also exposed to other noises such as storm sounds so they will be calm and desensitised to these types of noises.

They are fed premium dog food, with a mixture of raw and kibble, and leave with samples of their current food to help ease them into a new environment.

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