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We love our Groodles! But unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of Groodles we can give a genuine family experience in our home......there are only so many we can fit on the lounge with us at night!


It is not our goal to become a large breeder and we like to know that each of our dogs is given individual attention, love and care that comes with being part of a family.


That is where the guardian home comes in! 

Our guardian families need to be within the Brisbane to Gold Coast areas and be homeowners. You need to be flexible and happy to work in with us...we do try not to disrupt your life too much! The contract is clear and straight forward, is a legal and binding contract, and you must be willing to abide by the terms and conditions therein. We will also want to visit and inspect your home and secured yard. 

A guardian home is a home that takes one of our dogs for the agreed discounted price and raises the dog as their own. We still own the dog for the duration of the contract to breed with or use as a stud. We pay for anything related to breeding will also cover the difference in registration costs for owning an undesexed dog. 


Over the course of the agreement, we will pay this amount gradually back to you with each litter we get from them. We normally breed our females 2-3 times and retire them around the age of 5. At the end of the agreement, the guardianship fee will have been fully refunded to the Guardian home and be their forever dog.

If you would like to be considered for a guardianship dog, please contact us giving some information on your location, dog experience and family/work lifestyle.

Jade, a female mini groodle lives with her loving guardian family of 5 in Brisbane.
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